My Websites


I have made several websites which are related to Arabic science. Please note that these websites are still under construction and by no means finished.


Islamic Science Study & Research Guide

Website intended as a research and study guide for students and researchers interested in the history of science in medieval islamic civilization.


Taqi al-Din ibn Ma’ ruf

-A website dedicated to the life & works of the 16th century Ottoman scientist Taqi al-Din Ibn Ma’ ruf (d. 1585)


Ibn al-Haytham

– A website dedicated to the life & works of the 11th century Arabic scientist Ibn al-Haytham


Islamic Geometric Patterns

-A website dedicated to the study of geometric patterns in Islamic Art


Usturlap Okulu [ Turkish: Astrolabe School

- A website dedicated to the construction and use of the astrolabe, a well known medieval astronomical instrument